Christmas Shopping Stress

Written by Craig O’Connor

(sung to the tune of “Jolly Old St. Nickolas”)

Oh my dear psychiatrist,
lean your ear this way,
don’t you tell the duty nurse,
what I’m going to say.
I just don’t belong in here,
wrapped up in a vest
I am just a victim of
Christmas Shopping Stress

When the store had opened up
People went insane
Crazy women running wild
(like) harpies on cocaine
Run off with the toys you want
or beaten in a brawl
I was picked up with a gun
heading for the mall.

Ted thinks he’s Napoleon,
Bill thinks he can fly,
Jane was stalking Johnny Depp,
Jill just wants to die.
Me, I’m just a simple guy
who can’t control his stress,
pump me full of Thorazine
so I can get some rest.


About crazycraig524

I am a self published writer of four suspense books, a film-maker and video editor.
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